Biotin - Give Your Hair, Skin & Nails the Best Nutrition

Biotin - Give Your Hair, Skin & Nails the Best Nutrition

Biotin belongs to the family of the B complex vitamins. Its root word “biotos” is a Greek word that refers to “sustenance” or “life”. Popularly referred as “Vitamin H”, biotin acts as a backbone ensuring the health of your hair, liver, eyes, and skin.

Biotin for a Healthier You

Many well-renowned nutritional experts and dieticians agree that biotin is an essential vitamin that has helped millions of people across the world in managing their hair loss and improving their overall wellness.

Hair loss is not a unique problem.  The number of people suffering from hair loss is increasing with each passing day, and one of the biggest contributers is a lack of biotin in our everyday diet. Our hair and skin need to be nourished from within to remain healthy and strong.

Hereditary Hair Loss (androgenetic alopecia): genetic hair loss is considered the most common cause of hair loss. By the age of 35, evident patterns of hair loss begin to occur that increase over time. Some forms of hair loss are temporary or slight, while some are quite challenging to reverse. By making a simple effort to supply adequate supply of biotin, the negative effects of hair loss can be minimized.

A lack of biotin in our diet adversely affects our overall health and leads to unwanted health issues including

  • Grey hair
  • Hair thinning
  • Scaly rashes around the eyes, mouth and nose
  • Tingling sensations in the hands and legs
  • Depression and hallucinations (in worst cases)

Packed with healthy nourishing properties, biotin also aids in the growth of cells and the metabolism of fats and amino acids which eventually leads to better weight management. Biotin also has the benefit of improving the functions of nervous and digestive system. Biotin supplements from trusted brands are the best safe and natural way to keep your body biotin rich.

Quality Supplement for a Quality Life

A quality Biotin supplement from Natural Nutra supports energy production and gives hair more body and shine. The enhanced dose of this Biotin supplement also helps in facilitating proper metabolism and blood sugar control.

Natural Nutra offers this gluten free supplement in the form of 100% vegetarian capsules so that you can give your hair and skin the best nutrition. When used on a daily basis, this supplement provides the best results for your hair, skin and nails.

Versatile Health Benefits of Biotin

When something feels too good to be true, you need to do your own research and ensure the benefits shown by research are reflected in your own experience with biotin supplements.

Independent medical studies and institutional researches carried out by renowned institutions across the world have documented its wholesome health benefits.

Managing Alopecia

Apart from improving your hair health, biotin is also effective in managing alopecia and helps in controlling severe loss of hair. Regular consumption of biotin supplements greatly assists in controlling the symptoms of alopecia and hair loss. Biotin also promotes current hair health as well as improves hair texture.

Macronutrient Metabolism

Being an essential vitamin for energy production, biotin ensures seamless enzyme functions. By initiating metabolic processes, biotin promotes proper protein, fat and carbohydrates metabolism.

No More Brittle Nails

If you are frequently getting brittle nails then you may be suffering from a lack of biotin in your diet. No one likes split, chipped or cracked nails which can be painful. Biotin consumption helps to repair and strengthen brittle nails and improve overall cuticle health.

Ensuring Skin Health

As mentioned, biotin acts as a backbone for your skin health. People with a healthy supply of biotin are at a lower risk of developing many skin conditions including acne, itching, rashes, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Managing Cholesterol

A healthy supply of biotin may also help in controlling high cholesterol levels and thus minimize the chance of a stroke and many other heart conditions.

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  • My wife has really brittle nails that she’s been trying to make stronger for a while. I had no idea that this was caused by a lack of biotin in your diet. I might need to get her some and see if it improves the health of her cuticles and nails.

    Derek on

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