L - Lysine: An Essential Amino Acid to Boost Your Immunity

L - Lysine: An Essential Amino Acid to Boost Your Immunity

Human beings have extracted and identified more than 300 amino acids over the span of hundreds of scientific experiments seeking to improve our health. However, only 20 amino acids including L - Lysine are effective in improving our health by serving as building blocks for protein.

Most amino acids have two natural forms: the L and D form. Our body is capable of utilizing only the L form of amino acids, which interacts with protein in our body and acts as their building blocks.

As our body is incapable of synthesizing lysine on its own, this essential amino acid must be provided through a well-balanced diet or a healthy dietary supplement. In 1889, this essential amino acid was separated for the first time from casein and is known in the USA as lysine hydrochloride since 1995.

An Immunity Boosting Supplement from Natural Nutra

L – Lysine is a natural amino acid that our body demands to create antibodies, which are essential to immune system support. This Free-Form Lysine Supplement from Natural Nutra boosts calcium absorption and supports proper growth and bone development.

Available in the form of vegetarian, gluten-free capsules, this L – Lysine Supplement helps our body to rebuild and repair tissues and muscles as it is also facilitates enzyme and protein formation.

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Impressive Health Benefits of L – Lysine

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the medicinal use of L – Lysine supplement for the diagnosis, treatment, curing or prevention of any disease. However, independent medical studies and researches carried out by renowned institutions across the globe have documented its wholesome health benefits.

Anxiety Management

A lack of L - Lysine can lead to protein deficiency syndrome and adversely affects our immunity strength. Such immune deficiency leads to a heightened state of anxiety and stress. Lysine supplements from trusted brands can bring balance to your body, strengthen your immune system and help in exerting control over your anxiety and stress level. Essentially, knowing that you are taking care of yourself and having a strengthened health of body, also aids in improving the health of your mind.


Calcium Absorption

L – Lysine supplement has a natural ability to aid our GI (gastrointestinal) track and improve its calcium absorption capacity. This immunity boosting amino acid also controls the rate of calcium excretion and thus, significantly improves calcium levels in the body. Many health studies have also suggested L – Lysine’s role in minimizing the chances of osteoporosis by encouraging our body cells to form new bone tissue. It also has displayed a role in stimulating collagen formation to improve the health of connective tissues including of the skin, cartilage and tendons.

Protection against Herpes

Consumption of L – Lysine has also been associated with providing protection against malicious herpes simplex virus; it plays an important role in the prevention of both cold sores and oral herpes. By exerting strict control over herpes virus, this essential amino acid also controls the spread of genital herpes.

Hair Loss Protection & Healthy Skin

L – Lysine consumption is also said to protect you from hair loss due to its collagen formation ability and anxiety controlling effect. This health supplement is also helpful in preventing acne and black heads. Routine consumption of L –Lysine may improve overall skin tone by boosting elasticity keeping it wrinkle free.

Maintaining Bone Health

It is a well known that our bone health is tied to healthy levels of calcium in our body. Dieticians and health professionals recommend including calcium rich foods in our day-to-day diet to maintain our bone strength; however, just consumption of calcium rich foods is not adequate to ensure your bone health. Calcium is an important mineral that needs to be absorbed and retained by our body to fully extract its health benefits. L – Lysine helps in this essential calcium absorption and in fact prevents calcium excretion from our body, helping to increase our bone strength.

Why take chances when you can get the best support for your immunity? L – Lysine is one of the best dietary supplements to boost your immune system and stay healthy and protected from weakness or disease.

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