Our Guarantee

How are we so confident in the quality of our products? What separates us from the big box vitamin and supplement retailers?

Simply put, our products are not only comprised of high quality ingredients; they also have the ability to change lives and reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable practices. We invite you to explore the three areas of our business that make this possible.  


It is important to note that although manufactured in the USA, our products contain ingredients from many different suppliers from all over the world. We believe that the best ingredients come directly from the natural region in which they are grown. For example, some of our ingredients include:

  • Organic Cocoa from Fair Trade Certified facilities in the Dominican Republic

  • Friend of the Sea certified Omega-3 from oceans off the coast of South America

  • Non-irradiated Psyllium Husk and 100% Organic Spirulina from India

  • High grade whole leaves from Chinese Ginkgo trees

  • Non-GMO Soybeans and Whey Protein from the USA. 

In order to ensure the highest quality ingredients, our suppliers must go through a thorough process to ensure the highest quality raw materials upfront. For example:

  • Before any ingredients are shipped, each vendor must complete a Supplier Qualification Form developed by our manufacturer’s quality control department.

  • As a GMP-certified facility, our manufacturer is required to test all incoming raw material to ensure the highest quality from the start.

  • All raw materials require a Certificate of Analysis, Identification, and Verification of Results. 

Our Fair Trade® Certified suppliers offer the end consumer a way to reduce poverty through their purchases. Fair Trade Certified products are produced in a socially-responsible manner, because they are guaranteed to meet strict social, economic and environmental standards.

Our Friend of the Sea® Certified suppliers are concerned with the conservation of the marine habitat. They only use sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing practices. Their vertically integrated supply chain allows traceability from the date, species, and shipping vessel our raw materials were derived from. They also have systems in place for recycling, reuse of waste, and energy reduction.


Since 1924, our manufacturer has been promoting natural health and wellness through proven formulas and premium ingredients. Their 90+ years in business makes them the oldest nutritional manufacturer in the U.S. Here are a few other reasons why they are so unique:

  • Recent recipient of the prestigious Diamond Manufacturing Award

  • GMP Certified before it was FDA mandated

  • Member of the Organic Trade Association

  • Member of the Natural Products Association

  • Facility registered and inspected by the FDA for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

  • Friend of the Sea Certified

  • Fair Trade Certified

  • Contributing Member to the Vitamin Angels Foundation

In addition, our manufacturer is committed to environmentally sustainable practices and social responsibility:

  • They use partially-recycled materials, and 100% biodegradable and recyclable peanuts to ship their products.

  • They make use of natural skylights to save energy

  • They recycle all unusable computer hardware and equipment

  • Since 2006, they've donated 11 million children's multivitamins each year to Vitamin Angels.


  • In addition to what our manufacturer donates, we also donate 5% of all net proceeds to the Vitamin Angels Foundation.

  • Our glass bottles are fully recyclable and made from 35% recycled material, and the white plastic caps are also fully recyclable. They are also:

    • Packaged in amber colored recyclable bottles with Best By dates to ensure freshness.

    • Wrapped in a full body, temper-evident sleeve to ensure consumer safety.

  • Our Organic products are Certified Organic by the Quality Assurance International (QAI). In addition, they are also certified under four major organic standards:

    • USDA NOP (United States Department of Agriculture, National Organic Program)

    • Naturland Organic Standards

    • IFOAM (International Federation for Organic Agriculture Movement) standards

    • OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association)

  • Many of our products are Vegan and/or Vegetarian*.

  • All our products are Double Verified Gluten Free, meaning they are twice as pure as what is required to be qualified as gluten-free by the FDA. 

*Please keep in mind that not all our products are Organic, Vegan, and/or Vegetarian. To determine if a product meets these specifications, please refer to the certification symbols on the individual product page.