Fair Trade

Fair Trade Certification gives consumers the confidence that every purchase has a real impact in farmers’ lives.

Fair Trade USA™ is a nonprofit organization that regulates transactions between U.S. companies and small scale farmers producing Fair Trade Certified goods. Specifically, they certify that the goods and services involved are:

  • Paid fair prices and wages

  • Work in safe conditions

  • Protect the environment

  • Receive community development funds

These guidelines help to ensure the farmers' municipalities grow in a socially responsible, sustainable manner. Fair Trade USA also educates buyers on the benefits of Fair Trade, encourages new manufacturers and retailers to join the movement, and provides farmers the education and resources necessary to thrive.

One of the primary raw materials Fair Trade USA certifies is cocoa. We can all agree that cocoa is delicious, but the sad reality is many cocoa farmers are coerced into undesirable situations with middlemen who rig sales and misrepresent prices. This form of unfair trade flows from the top level down, forcing farmers to enslave children at little or no cost. If consumers knew this harsh reality, the delicious taste of cocoa would surely lose its luster.

As we mentioned in Our Guarantee, Natural Nutra strives to uphold socioeconomic equality, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. For these reasons, the cocoa beans used to produce our Chocolate Organic Soy Protein Powder come from small scale, organic farms in the Dominican Republic who are Fair Trade Certified®. Additionally, our Chocolate Whey Protein Powder contains cocoa harvested by Fair Trade Certified and organic farmers in the Yacao Cooperative.

We encourage you to join this movement by consuming Fair Trade Certified cocoa in addition to other ingredients supported by Fair Trade USA. Some of these ingredients include coffee, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, grains, and more. By adhering to these standards and consuming Fair Trade Certified products, you can be confident there is a family thousands of miles away given the opportunity to live in comfort and prosperity.