Friend of the Sea

The Friend of the Sea Organization™ was founded by Dr. Paolo Bray – European Director of the Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Safe Project. The Dolphin Safe Project saved millions of dolphins from being captured and killed in tuna nets. This humanitarian project was the beginning of the sustainable seafood movement.

Today, the Friend of the Sea Organization is a non-profit, NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), involved in the conservation of marine wildlife and resources. They focus on reviewing tradition, artisanal and small scale fisheries, and their mission is to conserve the marine habitat. Friend of the Sea sustainable aquaculture criteria requires:

  • No impact on surrounding habitat

  • Compliance with waste water restrictions

  • Reduction of escapes and bycatches to a negligible level

  • No use of dangerous antifoulants or growth hormones

  • Compliance with Social Accountability

  • Gradual reduction of the carbon footprint

As the only program certifying fish feed and fish oil – omega-3 supplements (in addition to fisheries), they manage the certification of products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Their minimum criteria follows FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) guidelines. Specifically, only products from stocks which are not over-exploited can be certified. 

We here at Natural Nutra believe strongly in the environmentally friendly and sustainable fishing practices supported through Friend of the Sea. We're proud to offer two Omega 3 supplements with this Friend of the Sea Certification. Our Krill Oil, which contains a unique and potent antioxidant called astaxanthan, and our high-potency Omega 3 Once Daily which contains EPAX® fish oil, the most clinically documented fish oil in the world.

Organizations such as Friend of the Sea are necessary to conserve the oceans beauty for generations to come. It is difficult to quantify the positive impact they have made over the years but one thing is certain; our global marine habitat is much better off with them present.