Who We Are (Old)

"We believe that humans are meant to live in harmony with Nature.
That inspires and guides us in everything we do."


As lifetime lovers of The Great Outdoors, we've experienced, again and again, the majesty and awesome power of Nature.

Everyone on this planet is a unique spiritual being who comes, wholly, from that single, original source and is intimately connected to it for all time.

That is why we are so passionate in protecting Nature and providing its benefits to as many people as we possibly can... Because we know the result: healthier, happier individuals who can live their lives more fully and more joyfully as a direct result.

We think The Golden Rule and good business can go hand-in-hand.

Pablo Picasso said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

We don't see any real distinction between our personal and professional lives. There's no reason why the same openness, trust and even love can't apply to both worlds.

So we treat our customers like friends we truly want to help–Do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We've discovered that most people find such an approach to be very refreshing, and it makes them feel much more engaged.

We think that's the way things should be, plain and simple.

Our passion for health generates our passion for perfection.

To serve our customers as best we can, we fully immerse ourselves in research about Nature and natural supplements in order to select the finest, most health-enhancing products available.

That is driven by our belief that health tends to be the most important–and most overlooked–aspect of our lives.

This extensive research has led us to choose only those companies that share our passion; many of which are Fair Trade Certified and Friend of the Sea Certified. Moreover, they engage in environmentally sustainable farming practices and are passionate about social responsibility. (Read more about our manufacturer and suppliers on our "Our Guarantee” page.)

We invite you to explore our website.

If you care deeply about the natural world and recognize its incredible powers to generate greater energy and enthusiasm for life… if you want to help protect and restore Nature to its proper place… if you believe every human has the right to be happy and healthy… we believe you'll find kindred spirits in Nat Nutra and the two of us.

We'd be truly honored to help you, too, achieve the health and vitality you seek through our products.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

More about Seth Hurd:

Recently engaged and lover of the outdoors, Seth has always had a strong bond with the world of Nature as well as the world of sports and fitness. 

"Growing up, I was constantly outdoors, playing games, competing in athletics, and always soaking up the environment at the same time," says Seth. "I ran cross country so I always had energy to burn and felt great."

While in high school and college, Seth would turn to nature for relaxation. "I would run through the local arboretum or read a book on the shores of Lake Michigan. It always helped put my mind at ease."

This irresistible pull from Nature led to another great passion: travel. After double majoring in Accounting and Finance from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Seth decided to explore and experience different countries by backpacking through Europe.

"When you travel to remote regions," says Seth, "you gain a whole new appreciation of Nature and the strong bond it forms with surrounding cultures. You recognize how much people rely on it, and how they find solace in it."

Seth realized then and there that "this is what life is all about. Why do we feel so much at ease during such moments? Because humans are meant to live in harmony with Nature."

This idea spawned a dream and in April of 2014 that dream became a reality. The result was a company dedicated to offering healthy, natural, and organic vitamins and supplements while making a lasting impact on Nature and those who have the privilege of enjoying it.

More about Scott Griffin:

Devoted husband and father, Scott believes that it's what you do that counts in life. "If you truly want to make a better world now and for future generations," he says, "you have to turn your ideals into meaningful actions."

One example is Scott's active involvement with Joseph's House of Brooksville, a Christ-centered ministry, where he serves on the Board of Directors. "We primarily provide food and essentials to those going through difficult times," Scott explains. "We also partner with other local ministries and organizations to provide faith, hope, love and compassion to those in need."

Scott also serves on the Board of Directors for Healthy Living Magazine where he contributes his insights concerning all aspects of health: physical, mental and spiritual.

Florida born, raised, and educated, Scott is a graduate of both PHCS and IADT of Tampa. He's won awards as a designer and has created everything from environmental identities to community campaigns and digital experiences.

"I'm a natural giver who enjoys helping others and making them happy." He continues, "I'm convinced that love is the key to a happier, better planet. And I sincerely believe that by offering the highest-quality vitamins and supplements, we help others achieve better health and greater happiness in their lives."


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