Acidophilus - Your Ticket to a Healthy Digestive Tract

Acidophilus - Your Ticket to a Healthy Digestive Tract

If you think that living microorganisms in your body are always an unhealthy sign then think again. Many species of gram-positive bacteria, including L. Acidophilus, are significantly helpful in maintaining a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. Residing in our intestines they,

  • Can fight off critical infections
  • Can improve your digestive health
  • Can enhance your immune system health

Welcome to the tiny world of healthy bacteria, among which acidophilus has seen a tremendous increase in popularity over the past decades and has become a health industry “buzzword”. Reputed health institutions and research facilities across the globe are rediscovering the health benefits of this healthy microorganism known as lactobacillus acidophilus.  

Alluring Acidophilus

Acidophilus has high bile tolerance and high acid-resistance. By “colonizing” inside our intestines and urethra, this healthy microorganism protects us from many kinds of infections and diseases. Specifically, it speeds up the digestion of dairy products and ensures healthy digestive functions.

Acidophilus also assists in the synthesis of many organic acids including lactic acid and thus, plays a vital role in preventing the growth of hazardous microbes.

This amazing microorganism provides us with incredible health benefits by

  • Facilitating lactase formation to help in the breakdown process of milk sugar
  • Stopping the growth of harmful microbes inside our digestive system
  • Improving our immune response
  • Accelerating the formation of vitamin K for proper bone formation


The number of people suffering from poor gastro-intestinal health is increasing at an alarming rate thanks to consumption of junk foods, a lack of exercise and a nutrition deficient diet. Poor gastro-intestinal health creates a sharp decline of healthy bacteria in our intestine and makes way for several health disorders.

Probiotic and natural supplements from trusted brands are the best way to ensure an adequate supply of healthy microorganisms to your body, providing you efficient and effective results. The quantity of acidophilus in natural supplements is especially important as supplements with fewer amounts of these microorganisms fail to deliver expected health benefits.

Natural Acidophilus Capsules from Natural Nutra contain a minimum of 100 million L. Acidophilus cells per capsule ensuring an optimum source of the microorganism and it’s benefits. This quality supplement boosts your immunity level and promotes healthy digestive functions. In many ways, this acidophilus supplement acts as a key to providing you with a balanced digestive system.

Natural Nutra Acidophilus


The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the medicinal use of acidophilus for the diagnosis, treatment, curing or prevention of any disease. However, independent medical studies and institutional researches carried out by renowned institutions across the globe have documented its wholesome health benefits.

Managing Diarrhea

Acidophilus helps in keeping tight control over the symptoms of diarrhea or adverse digestive processes. By minimizing the severity of diarrhea, the microorganism also protects against many intestinal infections.

Rebalancing the Level of Microorganisms

Antibiotics kill both the “bad” and “good/healthy” bacteria from our intestines – however acidophilus supplements help in restoring the balance of healthy digestive functions, as well as maintaining it.  

Protection against Vaginal Infection

Provided its infection preventing properties, acidophilus fights off malicious microbes that cause vaginal infection.

Controlling Cholesterol Level

Acidophilus may also assist in controlling your cholesterol level by minimizing the overall quantity of cholesterol in the blood system.

When it comes to leading an energetic and healthy lifestyle, billions of healthy microorganisms including acidophilus are playing a very important role in achieving optimum health. Acidophilus supplements are your next powerful protector of your overall wellness and fitness.

Incorporate an all-natural and beneficial Acidophilus Supplement in your diet to enjoy its wholesome health benefits and give yourself a healthy inner ecosystem!

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