Our digestive system is nothing but a big mystery to all of us. Hundreds of factors can promote healthy digestive functions, and even more, hazardous factors can cause serious issues with our digestive system.

Your digestive system needs to be fine-tuned to facilitate other routine functions it is interconnected with, such as many physiological processes in our body. Taking good care of your digestive health is essential to maintain your whole health and to lead an active lifestyle.

What is an Enzyme Complex?

Do you ever feel irritated and grumpy at work without knowing what’s wrong? Does your stomach suddenly start giving you discomfort without any apparent cause? Do you know that even your emotions can cause digestion problems? Among many possible reasons, indigestion can be a major mood factor. Indigestion can easily go unnoticed as it is not always associated with stomach pain. It can silently disrupt your body's physiology and work schedule.

Many unhealthy foods or non-food lifestyle habits can cause digestive problems, and associated symptoms include bloating and acid reflux. The most common lifestyle habits that lead to a weak digestive system are

  • Frequent consumption of carbonated beverages, spicy and greasy foods
  • Drinking less water
  • Smoking
  • Overeating and obesity
  • Irregular sleeping pattern
  • High-stress level
  • Consuming low-fiber food items

Indigestion cannot be neglected as it can lead to many unhealthy changes in your body. An unhealthy digestive can lead to

  • Abdominal pain
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach discomfort

A Herbal Dietary Supplement from Natural Nutra


What are Enzymes?

Prepared from 100% natural plant-based extracts, Enzyme Complex provides your body with a herbal blend consisting of many digestive herbs, including ginger root, cinnamon bark, anise seed, caraway seed, cayenne pepper, and fennel seed.

Natural enzymes in those popular herbs help break down food components to gain optimal nutritional benefits. This gluten-free dietary supplement is suitable to consume for vegans & vegetarians and helps with the digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. It is prepared using the highest quality, non-GMO raw materials to promote optimum digestive functions.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the medicinal use of Enzyme Complexes for the diagnosis, treatment, curing, or prevention of any disease. However, independent medical studies and institutional research carried out by renowned institutions across the globe have documented its wholesome health benefits.

  • Ginger root is a refreshing herb that prevents nausea and improves digestive functions. It contains powerful digestion facilitating enzymes and prevents upset stomachs. 
  • Cayenne pepper has been associated with digestive tract stimulation to increase the flow of gastric juices. It helps in improving our body’s ability to metabolize food and toxins. This herb also facilitates peristaltic motion to improve digestion. 
  • Caraway seeds are popular for their herbal usage, including their role in preventing digestive issues. They help prevent gas, heartburn, stomach spasm, intestine spasm, and indigestion.
  • Cinnamon bark is a potent herb associated with the prevention of gas and bloating. It improves digestive functions by improving the speed and efficiency of digestive processes.
  • Fennel seeds are ancient herbal remedies used since ancient times to prevent digestive problems and facilitate smooth digestion.

A healthy digestive system is a pathway to an energetic day at work/home, as indigestion is interlinked with many health disorders. Give your body the best digestive support with herb-infused Enzyme Complex.

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