Fall is a fascinating season for nature lovers. With the change in colors and temperature, it is the most anticipated time of the year for hikers to explore the beauty of Mother Nature. Most outdoor enthusiasts suggest fall to be one of the best times to go to the mountains as these months bring the perfect weather for these adventure seekers.

The autumn season gives off a cool and simple vibe that invite people to stop, look around and embrace the soothing experience that nature has to offer.  As we move closer to a cooler climate, the arrival of fall starts painting the whole country in a magnificent array of autumn colors.

We encourage you to indulge yourself in breathtaking sceneries through hiking. The following is a list of our best hikes to explore in the Americas to experience the true spirit of fall.


Mount Greylock (Adams, Massachusetts)

Located at an awe-inspiring height of 3,491 feet, Mouth Greylock is Massachusetts’s tallest peak. This beautiful hiking destination has been an inspiration to Henry David Thoreau and Nathaniel Hawthorne. If you are wondering what the big fuss is all about, come and see the place for itself. Waterfalls, carriage roads, amazing views of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Catskills, and Vermont’s Green Mountains are just some of the amazing views you will get to see and experience.

Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, Maine)

This famous national park preserves the true beauty of autumn with the sought after leaves of orange, red and yellow. One of its amazing attractions is a rock formation known as South Bubble’s glacial erratic. This rock formation clings to the edge of mountain and offers a great view to trekkers. Champlain Mountain’s Precipice Trail is another favorite spot for hikers that let them explore vertical climbs.

Breakneck Ridge Loop (Putnam, New York)

If you are looking for a car free-fall adventure, Breakneck Ridge Loop is your destination. It attracts thousands of travelers from around the world with its steep trail and challenging hike experience. Breakneck is the most common hiking trail in the Northeast that boasts of wonderful panoramic views of its strategic rock formations and the Hudson River Valley.

Aspen Vista (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

This lovely Santa Fe based hike typically draws visitors during the winter season. Some hikers, however, prefer to experience the place before winter arrives. One cannot miss its eruption in golden aspens during the fall season. It is a breathtaking experience to climb the Aspen Vista trail and see the magic of fall take over its pristine and panoramic hillsides.

Mount Mansfield (Underhill, Vermont)

Mouth Mansfield takes you to a romantic journey through its northern Vermont forest. This hiking destination is popularly known as Stowe. Its streams, country roads, and covered bridges are lovely to explore during the fall season. The hike trail guarantees the view of classic autumn colors. Once you reach the top, you get to see the colors of Lake Champlain on its west side.

Maroon Bells (Aspen, Colorado)  

Maroon Bells is known for attracting big crowds, especially during the fall season. Maroon Bells are a priced possession of Colorado, thanks to their two 14,000-foot peaks located above the White River National Forest. If you are a nature enthusiast and fall lover, you wouldn’t want to miss this hike. The reflection of wildflowers, Bells, and aspens galore on Lake Maroon’s waters is absolutely breathtaking.

Niagara Gorge (Niagara Falls, New York)

Niagara Gorge has something very unique to offer during the fall season. This famous hiking destination is surrounded by roaring waters, fall-flavored trees with turning leaves, and locals on the hunt for fish. This whole Niagara experience is thrilling and full of excitement.

Silver Lake/Ontario Loop (Park City, Utah)

This is one awesome foot-designated hiking trail that is a must to visit during the fall season. Visiting Silver Lake means inviting peace and quiet, and letting the magic of fall thrill you from your core. This hike is famous amongst mountain bikers. Its Bald Mountain offers lovely views of aspens, wildflowers, and the Jordanelle Reservoir. Old mining equipment along the trail is a bonus sight to see in addition to its natural beauty.

Grand Teton National Park (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)

This trail has everything to offer for hiking enthusiasts; be it a rushing creek, snowcapped peaks, bright yellow aspens, wide-open terrain and two beautiful lakes. Grand Teton National Park takes you to a 5.5-mile loop to provide you with different views of a spectacular fall season. On its loop, you also get to see deer and moose that make the fall season more appealing. 

Start planning your fall hiking trip today. Pick your favorite hiking destination and get ready to be amazed by the natural beauty of fall!

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