Soy Protein for Super Nutrition

Soy Protein for Super Nutrition

Soy protein is witnessing an unprecedented rise in its popularity as one of the best dietary supplements available. Plant based soy protein contains an ideal ratio of nutrients to support holistic growth and development functions for the human body.

For vegetarian people, it’s an ideal substitute for meat protein and ensures a supply of essential amino acids for healthy bodily functions. Containing up to 95% protein, soybeans are the power-house providers of protein. Soy protein is an effective weight loss facilitator via its metabolism boosting and appetite curbing benefits.

Make Delicious Protein Foods Everyday

It is quite easy to add soy protein powder to your every day diet. Soy protein powder is not only a great dietary supplement to make protein-packed drinks, it is also perfect for making healthy protein bars, pancakes, casseroles and several grain or oat based snacks.

  • Protein smoothies made from soy protein powder are powerful protein supplements for both pre and post workout diet plans.
  •  Soy protein powder also boosts fruit juices and drinks to be super delicious and protein rich.
  • Soy protein powder makes a healthy replacement for regular all-purpose flour or can be used in equal proportion with whole-wheat flour to make low carbohydrate, high protein breakfast meals and snacks.
  • When added to healthy protein bar recipes along with oats and flax seeds, soy protein powder strongly enhances its nutritional values.


Natural Nutra presents a DNA tested, Non-GMO Soy Protein supplement to reap soy’s holistic health benefits. Rich in amino acid, this plant based soy protein supplement ensures that you get adequate supply of protein and other essential nutrients every day. This protein powder is also an abundant source of plant compounds, antioxidants, minerals and isoflavones.

Our lactose free soy protein powder is an ideal dietary supplement to

  • Effectively Burn Fat
  • Speed Up Lean Muscle Growth
  • Reduce Food Craving
  • Control Blood Sugar Level
  • Keep Your Heart Healthy
  • Enhance Concentration and Focus

We understand that especially when you have a sweet tooth, you just want your supplements to have a great taste! Keeping that in mind, Natural Nutra also offers an Organic Soy Protein Supplement in your favorite Chocolate Flavor. Made from Fair Trade Certified organic cocoa beans, this deliciously flavored soy protein supplement lets you make super energizing protein drinks and foods with a chocolaty twist.

Additionally, the supplement is also available in Vanilla Flavor to give your drinks and foods an added vanilla punch! Both chocolate and vanilla protein powder are completely free from gluten, wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, crustacean shellfish, artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives.


Independent medical studies and institutional researches carried out by renowned institutions across the globe have documented versatile health benefits of soy protein.

Healthy Heart Functions

By not affecting the level of HDL, known more popularly as good cholesterol, soy protein promotes healthy heart functions and improves overall fitness.

Soy protein also prevents high blood pressure and keeps veins healthier. Thus, it helps in keeping many diseases associated with high blood pressure at bay.

Controlling Cholesterol

In addition, soy protein does not hamper the amount of good cholesterol and helps curb the level of bad cholesterol. Soy protein keeps control over the level of bad cholesterol by attacking its plasma and thus, prevents the onset of many critical heart conditions.

Keeping Your Mood Just Right

As mentioned earlier, soy protein is packed with many essential amino acids. When these amino acids convert into energy, they assist in boosting and stabilizing your mood. 

Wellness Protector

Soy protein plays a valuable role in fighting off many types of cancers including prostate and breast cancer. It has also been included in many Hormone Replacement Therapies.

Be it an early morning, afternoon or evening, soy protein powder can be taken anytime you wish to make your day productive and full of energy. Soy protein is a panacea for your every day protein and other nutritional requirements, and promotes healthy muscular growth. Celebrate the power of protein with the best quality Soy Protein Supplement from Natural Nutra, gifting yourself a healthier, leaner and stronger you! 󠆶

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