Boost Your Liver & Reproductive Health with Lecithin

Boost Your Liver & Reproductive Health with Lecithin

A mixture of phospholipids, lecithin is extracted from naturally occurring fatty molecules present in soybeans. Theodore Gobley, a chemist from France, extracted lecithin for the first time in 1846 and it has been widely used ever since. It contains many healthy components including fatty acids, choline, glycolipids, glycerol, phospholipids, phosphoric acid and triglycerides.

Lecithin supplement has a plethora of health benefits to offer and can be easily implemented in your routine diet plan. The strongest soy lecithin benefit is its active role in fat breakdown in your body. This essential nutrient protects your cells by assisting movement of wastes, ions, fats, and nutrients in and out of the cells without affecting the shape, structure and consistency of body cells. Lecithin also

  • Delays fatigue during workouts
  • Aids in proper weight management

Lecithin is widely used as additives in hundreds of consumer durables available in the market today. Lecithin offers versatile uses in the preparation of many food items including varieties of margarine, dough, peanut butter, chocolate bar, and ice cream. Lecithin is used in food as an emulsifier to assist in keeping the food ingredients together. For instance, lecithin is used in preparing dough to help in rising and forming a less sticky texture.

A Truly Natural & Healthy Supplement from Natural Nutra

Lecithin that is genetically modified to a great extent, gives negligible health benefits and may also cause side effects in many individuals. It may contain hidden toxins, due to genetic modification, and one cannot predict its interaction with other nutrients present in our body.

Natural Nutra offers Lecithin Supplement extracted in its most natural form from soy; it is 100% reliable and safe to consume without concern for any side effects. This supplement is available in the form of soft gels for easy and hassle-free consumption. One of the most crucial components of lecithin is choline; it is essential in memory retention and also aids in ensuring healthy pregnancy.

This gluten-free supplement from Natural Nutra meets Natural Products Associations standards for acceptable Lecithin specifications. With minimum criteria of 50% Phosphatides, this natural supplement contains 60% Phosphatides to support memory functions, learning, and nervous system health.

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Lecithin – A Potent Nutrient with Multiple Health Benefits

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the medicinal use of lecithin for the diagnosis, treatment, curing or prevention of any disease. However, independent medical studies and researches carried out by renowned institutions across the globe have documented its wholesome health benefits.

Promotes healthy weight loss

Lecithin helps in accelerating the breakdown of fats, which in turn ensures a healthy metabolism. Lecithin supplement is a healthy dietary addition to promote weight loss. Extracted in its most natural form, lecithin facilitates your body to lose weight without causing any side effects. Weight loss in such a natural manner prevents you from relying on fat burning drugs that can lead to many health complications.

Ensures liver health

Many scientific studies narrate that lecithin and choline are both essential components ensuring healthy liver functions and promotes overall health.

Lecithin has natural ability to distribute liver fats in water, which in turn prevents fat accumulation and allows you to be in control of your body weight. It also exerts control over the flow of nutrients and greatly assists in flushing out toxins without any adverse effects.

Improves brain function

Phosphatidylcholine, an important nutrient found in lecithin, is a part of the membrane surrounding our body cells. Our bodies break it down into choline, which assists in healthy brain functions. Choline also plays an important role in the prevention of memory loss, especially in senior adults.

Controls cholesterol

Lecithin has garnered respect from well-known nutritional experts and health researchers for its ability to control our cholesterol level. As lecithin controls the nutrient flow, it has also been included in many therapeutic remedies to reduce high cholesterol level by inhibiting fat build up in the arteries and walls of our heart. Thus, this lecithin supplement can also promote our overall cardiovascular health.

It’s hard to believe versatile health benefits offered by one single nutrient. Leading a fit lifestyle is a necessity, for both short term and long term functions. Lecithin from Natural Nutra is a strong and effective dietary supplement you can take to lead a healthy and essential lifestyle.

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